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Who we are

This site is operated by CORDOBA ENTERPRISES SL (Qortoba Enterprises GmbH in Austria) with registered office at CL SAN JUAN 6, 1D, 04002 ALMERÍA (ALMERIA), and ID B10877371.


CORDOBA ENTERPRISES SL, is committed to protecting your Personal Data (such as your name; address; telephone number; date of birth; e-mail address; credit card number; gender; language preference; and merchandise category preferences). We will obtain the Personal Data that you voluntarily provide to us and process it for the following purposes (“Purposes”):

  • Carry out operations with you, provide the contracted service and manage your membership in our partner loyalty system, if applicable;
  • Send you commercial communications, as long as you have given your consent.
  • Respond to requests or complaints.

We may retain or process such Personal Data securely anywhere in the world, as long as it is necessary for the Purposes. We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. You may unsubscribe in the event of subscriptions or receipt of commercial mailings at any time by contacting us in writing in accordance with the manner indicated in our communications.

Our websites use cookies and beacons to help us improve the user experience. As long as your browser allows it, you can reject cookies, although with this both your use of our Website and your ability to access certain functions of the site and perform operations may be affected.

1. Our Approach to Privacy

1.1. CORDOBA ENTERPRISES SL recognizes that the protection of your Personal Data is a fundamental principle for building trust and maintaining a good relationship with you.
1.2. This Privacy Policy details the commitments we have made and the rights you have in relation to the Processing of your Personal Data in accordance with applicable law.
1.3. Additionally, in certain specific cases this Privacy Policy may be supplemented by additional policies and terms and conditions, or by brief Privacy Statements used in relation to certain specific purposes and in different ways, which we will duly identify as mandatory.
1.4. By providing your Personal Data, you are consenting to the collection, use and Processing (including disclosure) of your Personal Data in the manner and for the Purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

2. Obtaining the Data

2.1. We may communicate with you through various channels, including our headquarters, our customer loyalty systems and the Internet (via our sales or information websites) or through our direct contact line, as well as through other means such as by post, e-mail, telephone, fax or text messages sent to your mobile phone, although our preferred form of communication will be via e-mail because it has a lower impact on the environment. These communications may include sending and receiving information relating to you. Some of the data we receive will identify you personally (as defined in section 3 below), while other data (specifically those obtained through your access to our websites) will constitute information that will not personally identify you (as described in section 4 below). This Privacy Policy mainly refers to the Processing of Personal Data.
2.2. We will provide you with information explaining why Personal Data is needed and how such Personal Data will be processed.

3. Personal Data

3.1. CORDOBA ENTERPRISES SL limits the volume and type of information we obtain for this purpose, which is necessary for the purposes indicated and we will not obtain your Personal Data unless you provide it to us (directly or indirectly) voluntarily.
3.2. Although the precise details of the Personal Data obtained will vary depending on the purpose pursued in each case, in general, we will obtain the following Personal Data in relation to you:
• name and surname
• telephone number(s)
• e-mail address
• address
• commercial and financial information
• economic data

4. Non-Personally Identifiable Information

4.1. When we obtain information through our Website, as is the case with many other websites, we also automatically obtain certain Non-Personally Identifiable Information relating to the use of the Website that does not directly identify you. For instance, this includes the IP address of your computer, the IP address of your Internet Service Provider, the date and time you access the website, the Internet address of the website from which you directly access our Website, the operating system you use, the sections of the website you visit, the pages of the website that you read and the images you view, as well as the contents that you download from our Website.
4.2. We may use Non-Personally Identifiable Information to compile tracking data reports relating to site user statistics, site traffic patterns, and purchases made on the site. The tracking data of the reports may not be directly related to the identity of the users or to their Personal Data.
4.3. In this regard, your visits to our Website will be recorded; however, we will not be able to identify you personally unless you specifically choose to share the information with us. We use this information to better understand how our partners and data subjects use our Website and to better understand which options are the most popular and best suited to the needs of our visitors.

5. When is Personal Data Collected and How Is It Used?

5.1. CORDOBA ENTERPRISES SL obtains Personal Data for the following purposes:
5.1.1. Carry out operations with you, provide the contracted service, administer communications and manage your membership in our customer loyalty system;
5.1.2. Send you commercial communications, provided that you have given your consent;
5.1.3. Respond to requests and complaints
5.2. We will only retain Personal Data for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the specific Purposes for which it was obtained. We retain Personal Data in accordance with our own guidelines, procedures and principles and in line with the applicable legislation of each Relevant Jurisdiction.
5.3. We may disclose your Personal Data where we are required to do so under applicable law or at the request of the competent authorities.
5.4. If you consent (accept) to the receipt of these communications, you may unsubscribe at any future time by contacting us in accordance with the manner indicated in section 6.4 below.
5.5. When we need to obtain your Personal Data for a purpose about which we have not previously informed you and which is not included in this Privacy Policy, we will try to notify you and obtain your consent before proceeding to such collection, or in case of impossibility, later as soon as possible. However, we will only use your Personal Data for the purpose specified prior to its use, when the Processing of your Personal Data is necessary for the fulfillment of a contract to which you are a party, in order to carry out the corresponding actions requested by you before entering into a contract, or when the Processing is necessary for other legal purposes.

6. Consent (Acceptance – Cancellation)

6.1. Acceptance: CORDOBA ENTERPRISES SL will not use your Personal Data for any purpose that has not been specified above, unless we have previously obtained your consent to do so or unless such purpose is required by law.
6.2. Consent to the provision of Personal Data is not a condition for us to offer you a product or service, unless the information requested is mandatory in order to fulfill a legitimate and explicitly specified purpose.
6.3. In particular, as a general rule we will request your prior express consent (acceptance) before sending you marketing communications (see point 5.1.2 above). When you have requested or agreed to receive information and marketing communications about CORDOBA ENTERPRISES SL products.
6.4. Unsubscribe: At any time you may revoke your consent to our activity of obtaining, using or disclosing (in general, Processing) your Personal Data by contacting us in writing in accordance with the manner indicated (by e-mail, postal mail, text messages, etc.), as specified in the communications we send you, or in the relevant documents that you may have subscribed to (for example, in relation to our customer loyalty system), depending on the country in which you reside or the channel through which you have previously agreed to receive communications from us. If you have any questions regarding the functionality, we make available to you to unsubscribe, as indicated in this section, please contact us at the address or by the means indicated in section 14 of this Privacy Policy.
6.5. Where you have previously agreed to receive marketing communications from us in accordance with point 6.3 above, while also registered in our loyalty program. If your membership of such program terminates for any reason, we will not consider it as an automatic request to unsubscribe, and we will consider that we still have your consent unless you specifically revoke it, in accordance with paragraph 6.4.

7. Correction of Information

7.1. CORDOBA ENTERPRISES SL retains correct, complete, and up-to-date Personal Data as necessary, taking into account its use and the interests of our customers.
7.2. You will be responsible for communicating any changes to your Personal Data and for ensuring that such information is correct and up to date.

8. Access and Update of Personal Data

8.1. Depending on the legislation of each Relevant Jurisdiction, some customers have the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection (to the processing) of their Personal Data stored by us, and also have the right to be informed about its use and disclosure. Even if such rights are not provided for by law, we may still allow you to access the information. We recommend to our clients that all requests for access to Personal Data held by CORDOBA ENTERPRISES SL be made in writing, although we do not impose any formal obligation in this regard. However, we may ask you to provide us with such additional information as is reasonably necessary to accommodate your request.
8.2. In general, the response to a customer’s request for information (in accordance with paragraph 14 below) will entail a zero or minimum cost for that customer. However, subject to the laws of each Relevant Jurisdiction, a reasonable charge may be charged for the costs of written response, on the understanding, however, that the customer must be informed in advance of the exact amount of such charge, which may in no case exceed the maximum amount permitted by the legislation of the Relevant Jurisdiction. The Personal Data requested is provided to the customer in a generally understandable format.
8.3. We will modify the Personal Data contained in our database or in other places when requested by any person who reliably proves the incorrectness or inaccuracy of the Personal Data. Modifications may mean the correction, deletion or addition of information and the notification of this to any other third party to whom the data has been disclosed. However, we may not be able to change data on return transactions or purchases made in the past.

9. Effective Date and Changes to the Privacy Policy

9.1. This Privacy Policy is valid from August 2022.
9.2. We reserve the right to modify our Privacy Policy at any time. If we decide to change our Privacy Policy, we will post the corresponding changes on the Home Page so that our users know at all times what information we obtain from them, how we use it and under what circumstances, if any, we will disclose it to other third parties. In this Privacy Policy “Home Page” means the home page of the Website. In addition, in this Privacy Policy “Website” means the CORDOBA ENTERPRISES SL website or any other website operated by CORDOBA ENTERPRISES SL. If you continue to use our services after we have modified our Privacy Policy, you will be bound by the provisions of those changes.
9.3. If at any given time we make relevant changes to this policy, such as, for example, in the event that we decide to use the Personal Data for any purpose other than or in addition to the Purposes described in this policy (section 5 above) or those communicated at the time of its collection, we will notify you via e-mail, unless we do not have your e-mail address, in which case we will resort to any other means of communication available depending on the contact details you have provided us. We will only proceed with such relevant changes where we have received your consent to that effect.

10. How Do We Keep Your Data Secure?

10.1. CORDOBA ENTERPRISES SL protects Personal Data against possible cases of loss or theft, as well as against unauthorized activities of access, disclosure, copying, use or modification, implementing with safeguard and security measures proportional to the confidentiality of Personal Data, regardless of the format in which they are kept.
10.2. We use a variety of methods to protect Personal Data including:
10.2.1. Physical measures: restriction of access to offices in the company;
10.2.2. Technical tools: passwords and encryption according to the usual practices used in the sector;
10.3. Online security is also a priority. CORDOBA ENTERPRISES SL incorporates security measures such as encryption and authentication tools to protect your Personal Data against unauthorized use. We also use firewalls to protect our servers and our network and prevent unauthorized users from accessing and manipulating the files and other information we store.
10.4. We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to protect your online credit card information. By accessing the shopping cart page, your computer will start communicating with our server safely.

11. Internet-Specific Issues

11.1. Links to Other Websites
11.1.1. The Website and the various Web Pages of CORDOBA ENTERPRISES SL may contain links to other web pages belonging to and managed by third parties, as well as to other Internet resources. When you click on those links, you’ll be contacting that other website or Internet resource. We have no responsibility or control over such other websites or Internet resources or over their activities in obtaining, using, and disclosing (processing) your Personal Data.
11.1.2. We encourage you to read the privacy policies of those other websites to learn how they collect and use data relating to you.
11.2. Cookies – Beacons
11.2.1. Our Website(s) use cookies and web beacons.
11.2.2. Cookies are small text files that are generated when you visit our Website(s) or use our online services, which reside on your computer and can unambiguously identify your browser. We use two types of cookies: (a) session cookies are used while you visit the website and expire after you leave the website, and (b) log cookies are small files that are generated when you register or access the website, that stay on the computer with which you register and that serve to recognize you when you register again or access the website using the same computer. We use cookies on our Website to allow you to set your personal preferences and help us deliver a better user experience.
11.2.3. Cookies also help us to analyse the traffic patterns of our Website, to store user preferences and to track their trends, so that we can understand which parts of our Website are popular and make the browsing experience more enjoyable for our users. We may also use cookies when you register online to receive services or information.
11.2.4. As long as your browser allows it, you can refuse cookies, although with this both your use of our Website and your ability to access certain functions of the site and perform operations may be affected.
11.2.5. Tracking Tags/Beacons: Each page of our Website contains tracking pixels that allow us to track your progress through the various pages you visit on the Website. This information is segregated (depersonalized) before being analyzed.

12. Minors

12.1. We will never knowingly obtain or solicit Personal Data from children under the age of sixteen (14) without first obtaining the required verifiable parental consent. No one under the age of 1or 4 shall provide us with information. In the event that we detect that someone under the age of 14 has provided us with Personal Data without the required verifiable parental consent (such as when, for example, information is provided through our Website), we will proceed to delete said Personal Data from our files.

13. Compliance with the Law

13.1. CORDOBA ENTERPRISES SL has implemented the necessary procedures to receive and respond to inquiries regarding de CORDOBA ENTERPRISES SL policies and practices regarding its handling of Personal Data. All complaints or inquiries must be made in writing and sent to the address indicated in section 14 below, although we do not impose any formal requirement in this regard.
13.2. CORDOBA ENTERPRISES SL will study all complaints. Requests will be sent to the corresponding Responsible for Personal Data. When there are substantial grounds for the complaint, CORDOBA ENTERPRISES SL will take the necessary steps to resolve the issue, including, if necessary, modifying its policies and practices.

14. Contact Us

14.1. If you have any questions or queries regarding this Privacy Policy or the data collection practices described herein, please contact us:
By e-mail:
14.2. We remind you that you must not send confidential information such as passwords, bank account details, etc. by unencrypted means (such as e-mail). If you wish to unsubscribe, please refer to point 6.4 above.